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How to make dalgona coffee


1. 2 tablespoon coffee powder
2. 2 tablespoon sugar
3. 2 tablespoon boiling water
4. cup cold milk or hot milk
5. ice cubes as required


1. Make Coffee MixtureTo prepare this delicious coffee, take a bowl and mix equal quantities of coffee powder, sugar and hot water.
2. Beat Coffee Mixture Using Whisker Or Hand Blender or spoon/forkNow, using a whisker or hand blender, blend the coffee mixture until it is light, frothy and creamy.
3. Prepare The Dalgona CoffeeNow, take 2 glasses or coffee mugs and add ice cubes in it as per your convenience. Pour hot or cold milk in them and add this beaten and whipped coffee over it. Serve chilled.

Tips For Making Dalgona Coffee

1. First and foremost rule of making Dalgona Coffee is that use high-quality coffee powder for beating. The colour of your coffee will depend a lot on the richness of coffee powder.
2. We have used very cold milk for making this coffee sans any sugar or a hint of sweetness. Depending on your taste, you can sweeten your milk using a little condensed milk or sugar as you like, for a better taste.
3. Last, but not the least, you can store your whipped coffee for a week in an air-tight container.

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